Family news!

28 May

On Friday we had a visit from SiL & BiL.  They never just ‘pop’ in & I knew exactly why they were popping round.  They came to annouce that they are expecting a baby in Dec.  They were a little shocked that I had a card of congratulations all ready & waiting for them 😉

I knew that SiL was pregnant!  I worked it out back at the begining of April when we were on holiday and she wasn’t surfing, then at the end of April we went into London to celebrate my MiL’s retirement and she wasn’t drinking and then the final thing that confirmed it for me was a few weeks ago; we went to Clacton for the weekend, she didn’t swim, wasn’t drinking and was VERY tired.

I am absolutely over the moon for them but I can’t help feeling sad/down.  You see, I should’ve been having a baby in 10 days time and the timing of their annoucment has really hit me hard.  They’re so happy and I can’t help feeling that I should be happy for the impending arrival of my baby.

To my mythical(ish) #3, as your due date looms my feelings are all over the place.  I sit and wonder if you’d be here with me already or if not how much longer I’d be waiting until I got to meet you and whether you’re a boy or girl.  The one thing I do know, is that you are always in my thoughts and I will always love you.  Take care my sweet heart xx


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